Bordeaux Wines Embrace AR To Reach More Consumers

Bordeaux Wines Embrace AR To Reach More Consumers
December 24, 2020
AR Experience for Château Croix de Labrie & Château Sainte Marie


Since COVID-19 hit, many businesses are racing to adopt new technology. Two Bordeaux wineries use augmented reality to stay connected with customers.


In the face of COVID-19, many business owners have had to quickly adapt new technology in order to keep up with consumer demands. Closure of physical stores for non-essential businesses has led to a change in shopping habits, forcing businesses to rethink the way they retain their customers and keep them engaged.

In challenging and uncertain times like now, fortune favours the bold.

Which is why two Bordeaux wine brands — Château Croix de Labrie and Château Sainte-Marie — have chosen to embrace augmented reality (AR) technology in an effort to connect with consumers.

Highly Engaging, Visually-Rich Edutainment Content
Both Bordeaux brands are working with DRNK:AR — Singapore-based augmented reality (AR) solution platform — to create interactive and immersive AR experiences on their bottles.

Château Sainte-Marie, which sits at the heart of Entre-Deux-Mers, will be using an interactive AR portal to virtually transport consumers to various points of time through the Château’s history .

“AR gives users the excitement and opportunity to travel through time. And thanks to this, you can learn about our heritage and the evolution of the Estate through the years, ” elaborates Stéphane Dupuch, Owner and President of the estate.

On the other hand, Château Croix de Labrie — a boutique winery at the top of Saint-Émilion — has chosen to share the stories of their vineyard, winemaking process, and the Courdurie family who owns the chateau.

“A new episode will be released every 30 days. We believe that using AR this way can encourage engagement, boost brand recall and loyalty, as well as drive sales,” explains Pierre Courdurie.

These AR experiences can be triggered via WebAR or by scanning the wine bottle labels through the DRNK:AR app. WebAR activation points and augmented products will also be shared with each brand's respective distributors in order to reach their local customers, using the local language.

Much Abuzz About Augmented Reality
A lot has been said about how AR is a powerful instrument in overcoming the negative impacts that the pandemic has posed on all businesses. Those with AR capabilities are better equipped to continue supporting customers through their online shopping journey.

So it is no wonder that since stay-at-home orders were being put in place, DRNK:AR has been experiencing an increased demand from brands who are eager to use AR as a content platform to engage with consumers.

The comprehensive solution takes into account all aspects of the consumer journey and comprises three modules:

- AR Commerce via websites and social media channels — to tease consumers with a preview and direct link to buy the bottle online;
- DRNK:AR mobile app which allows users to scan bottle labels for full AR experiences — to sustain interest and allow them to discover the product; and
- DRNK:AR Platform — an online dashboard for businesses to gain data and insights that were not previously obtainable if not for AR interactions.

DRNK:AR’s end-to-end augmented reality solution is industry-focused and applicable for wine, beer and spirits. As the solution is available globally in various languages, it is the perfect tool for brands to keep interacting with consumers as COVID-19 continues to cause uncertainty for resumption of businesses.


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