AR Head-up Displays In Cars Will Soon Be Mainstream

AR Head-up Displays In Cars Will Soon Be Mainstream
January 3, 2021
Volkswagen will offer augmented reality head-up display to its compact range of electric cars. Image: Volkswagen via AFP Relaxnews


German automaker Volkswagen announced that it is about to introduce augmented reality technology for head-up display in most of its electric range of vehicles. This technology, usually offered in premium cars, may become more and more widespread in the car maker’s range, as well as in other automakers’ in the near future, since it highly enhances driving safety.


An augmented reality head-up display projects practical and safety information in front of the driver. This system superimposes symbols onto the windscreen, displaying them dynamically to create a new driving experience resembling that of a video game.


Important driving information is projected onto the windscreen, separated into two fields. A large window for the dynamic displays is located in the driver’s field of view at a virtual distance of around 10 meters. Information from the assist systems as well as the turn arrows and starting points and destinations of the navigation system are displayed in this remote window. Underneath is a close-range window, displaying the driving speed, road signs, and assist and navigation symbols as static displays. These appear to float around three meters in front of the driver.


Volkswagen is the first automaker to introduce such technology to its compact and SUV ranges, notably on its ID.3 and ID.4 electric models as of the beginning of 2021. Other models should soon follow suit.

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