Pimax Gives You Control Of Your Headset From Inside VR

Pimax Gives You Control Of Your Headset From Inside VR
September 29, 2020
Pimax VR Experience is a virtual environment for controlling your Pimax headset. Change settings, launch content from any platform. Kevin Carbotte


Pimax recently revealed that it's building a virtual environment called Pimax VR Experience that would allow you to control headset settings and launch VR content without taking the headset off. The software just entered public beta, and if you have a Pimax 5K or 8K headset, you can try it today.


The Pimax VR Experience is a virtual environment that allows you to control the PiTool headset driver settings and launch content from any VR platform from within VR. The software is reminiscent of the SteamVR when you disable the SteamVR home environment.


Pimax VR Experience gives you instant access to many of the headset's settings, such as FOV adjustment, refresh rate, resolution supersampling, and display brightness. It also gives you access to your entire VR content library. Pimax VR Experience taps into SteamVR, Oculus, VivePort and ReVive libraries to bring all your content into one easy-to-access location.


The virtual environment supports a variety of input options. Pimax VR Experience supports HTC Vive wands, Valve Index controllers, hand tracking or mouse control. Pimax said that all Leap Motion sensors are supported, but you'll get the best experience from a Pimax hand tracking module, which features UltraHapics' new wide FOV sensors. Enabling hand tracking disables controller and mouse support.


Pimax said that development on the Pimax VR Experience started approximately six months ago. The product has been in closed beta with a select group of testers for several weeks. Pimax is now ready to share it with anyone interested in an early look. You can find more information, including links to download the beta, on the Pimax user forums.

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