‘Mirage’ HoloLens Apps Creates Multiple AR Monitors

‘Mirage’ HoloLens Apps Creates Multiple AR Monitors
January 3, 2021

Mirage is a new HoloLens 2 app that transform’s Microsoft’s AR glasses into multi-monitor devices.


Virtual monitors for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have lots of potential for applicability. They offer very slick solutions for users unable to bring their monitors into the office. Some of the early adopters for this AR multi-monitor solution could be co-working spaces users, developers and digital nomads among others.


Digital monitors or virtual screens are an intuitive and commonsense VR use-case for ordinary users. They free you from having to physically set up many real monitors which is not only costly but also cumbersome. Instead, users can simply deploy AR glasses and project many digital screens into a room and network these virtual screens with one another. The virtual screens can be availed everywhere and don’t have to be cabled. They don’t take up any physical space.


The multi-monitor feature is quite popular with a lot of manufacturers.


This is not the first time a multi-monitor for virtual reality or mixed reality experiences is being rolled out. The now defunct Augmented Reality company Meta was so enthused by the prospect of the digital workplace that it opted to put its employees on helmets rather than having them work on a table with physical monitors but the move did not appeal to its employees; a lot of this had to do with the still technically unsophisticated meta glasses.


Nreal, the most promising consumer mixed reality glasses already have a multi-screen feature and are also very comfortable to wear. Because the Nreal glasses can be connected to a computer or a smartphone, they could theoretically be used as a substitute for monitors everywhere although the manufacturer may still need to improve comfort of use.


With Mirage, Microsoft, too, now has a multi-monitor feature for its HoloLens mixed reality glasses which places several small screens or one large virtual screen in the room. The Mirage app is freely available in the Microsoft Store.


Mirage was developed by Dominik Konik, a software engineer on the HoloLens team. The Mirage function has been packaged into a single app and is not permanently integrated into the HoloLens operating system.


The Mirage app is Konik’s hobby project and has no direct reference to Microsoft but it could make its way to the system app if it proves useful in everyday work.


In a tweet, Microsoft XR boss Alex Kipman revealed that he had been using the app for months.

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