JVC's Enterprise Headset Set For March Launch In Japan

JVC's Enterprise Headset Set For March Launch In Japan
February 17, 2021

After an initial reveal in 2020 JVC Kenwood has announced that its upcoming XR headset is nearing launch. The HMD-VS1W is an enterprise-focused device currently slated for a late March roll out in Japan.


Spotted by Mogura VR, the HMD-VS1W uses proprietary display technology adopting what JVC Kenwood call the “half mirror method.” Sounding very similar to birdbath optics used in devices like Nreal Light – rather than waveguide tech found in devices like Rokid Vision 2 – JVC’s headset offers a wide 120-degree field of view (FoV) with a vertical 45-degree FoV.


This is combined with a 2560 x 1440 per eye resolution panel, SteamVR 2.0 tracking compatibility and weighing in at 640 grams. As an XR headset, the HMD-VS1W doesn’t block a users view, offering a clear line of sight whilst displaying the digital information over the real world. JVC states its system has been designed so there’s: “no peripheral blur or chromatic aberration.”


Important considering this will be aimed at high-end enterprise use cases such as designing car interiors, flight simulators, remote control of medical equipment or heavy machinery and training solutions. Like a lot of enterprise solutions, there’s no price for HMD-VS1W so businesses will need to get a direct quote.

Currently, the HMD-VS1W looks like its only going to be available in the Japanese market as there’s no mention of the headset on JVC Kenwood’s US website. As further details regarding the company’s XR plans are announced, we will keep you updated.


JVC HMD-VS1W Full Specifications:

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