HTC's Ex-CEO Unveils 'MOVA' VR Headset And Universe

HTC's Ex-CEO Unveils 'MOVA' VR Headset And Universe
June 2, 2020

Since leaving the helm of HTC, peter chou has continued to explore virtual reality technology with a new project called XRSPACE. with its own VR headset, MOVA, and an immersive virtual world, MANOVA, the company intends to ‘pioneer the next generation of social reality’.


after joining HTC in 1997, peter chou was named CEO in 2004. chou went on to establish the taiwanese corporation as a major electronics brand with innovative devices such as the first 4G-enabled smartphone, a facebook smartphone, and a photographic device that doesn’t include a viewfinder.

all images courtesy of XRSPACE


MOVA boasts 5G, LTE and wi-fi with powerful qualcomm snapdragon 845, packed with 6g ram. despite these features, MOVA still claims to be 20% lighter than most standalone VR devices. the sleek design of the headset is easy to slip on and allows users to explore the virtual world of MANOVA with no wires or controllers.

MANOVA is a social VR platform and ‘a world celebrating togetherness’. to get started, you can generate your true-presence avatar with just one selfie. modelled after your own likeness, your XRSPACE avatar comes with full-body representation to match your best self.

Once you’ve made your avatar, you can navigate a plethora of virtual spaces with your own hands. including handshakes, high-fives, and claps, these everyday gestures become more fun in VR. with an ever-expanding world, MANOVA has both private spaces for you to own or public places to explore with others. have fun with friends at home, enjoy a personal cinema, or work together in a dedicated meeting room. soak in the atmosphere of a busy city center, meet new friends in a club, or challenge each other with games.

With the immersiveness of VR, wellness exercises and activities have now entered the virtual space to be enjoyed together: from yoga to cycling. the MANOVA world also includes places for working or learning with dedicated spaces for meetings and lectures. real work can be done beyond physical parameters, offering face-to-face experiences when reality cannot.

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