Experts On How The iPhone LiDAR Can Change AR Forever

Experts On How The iPhone LiDAR Can Change AR Forever
October 30, 2020

Are you excited about the new iPhone 12 Pro Lidar? So are we! A recording of AWE Nite NYC online meetup on 10/27/2020 where the participants discussed the impact of the new iPhone 12 Pro Lidar on Augmented Reality with those leading the charge: Snap, Niantic Labs, Occipital, and Patched Reality.


They address questions such as:

- Does the iPhone LiDAR change AR forever? How?

- How much better is it?

- What possibilities does it open?

- Will it achieve critical mass to make a difference?



1) Ori Inbar (Cofounder of AWE and Super Ventures) the latest and greatest from the Augmented World. 7:30

2) Qi Pan (Senior Manager of Computer Vision Engineering, Snap) - Introducing Snapchat's LiDAR-powered lenses for developers and Local Lenses. 17:55 

3) Meghan Hughes (Head of Go to market Niantic Real World Platform, Niantic Labs) - The new AR Mapping task in Pokemon Go and the iPhone LiDAR 33:30

4) Jeffrey Powers (Co-founder of Occipital, and CEO Arcturus Industries) - From Occipital Structure Sensor to iPhone LiDAR 52:30

5) Patrick O'Shaughnessey (Patched Reality) - A developer's perspective: How iPhone LiDAR unleashes a new game category like Epic Marble Run - roll marbles over any terrain

6) Group conversation, Member announcements and Networking! See more at: Other AWE Nite Cities:

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