Adam Savage Designs Pistol Whip With Oculus Touch Grip

Adam Savage Designs Pistol Whip With Oculus Touch Grip
July 16, 2020

In a new video on the Tested YouTube channel, Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame has created a custom gun grip for his Oculus Touch controller to use while playing Cloudhead Games’ Pistol Whip.


Pistol Whip was one of our favorite VR releases of 2019. The rhythm-shooter kept us coming back for more, and has received a bunch of free updates with new songs since release. As it turns out, Adam Savage is also a big fan of Pistol Whip and was inspired to create a custom gun grip for his Oculus Touch controller, in order to add a bit more realism to his play sessions.


Most VR enthusiasts will have seen some form of 3D printed objects that can be made or bought to use with VR headsets or controllers. There are loads of 3D printed gun grips similar to the one made by Adam, but also many other objects that allow you to do things like wall-mount your headset, make modifications to the headset’s fit or strap, or even play a more realistic game of table tennis.


However, most of the designs you’ll find online are just 3D printed plastic — in his Pistol Whip grip build, Savage went a bit further and added aluminum to the top of a printed plastic gun grip. It was then finished off with an amazing acid-etched custom design with his name on the sides. The whole build took Savage a couple of hours and the end result is stunning. Not only does it look fantastic, but it also adds significant weight to the controller as well. This brings it more in line with the weight of a real pistol, adding an extra layer of immersion and realism to the game.


“That was officially a lot of fun,” said Savage after completing the building and trying the grip out. “[But] a lot more work, since it’s heavy.” This isn’t the first time Savage has created a custom grip for VR controllers — a few months ago, he made custom hilts to use while playing Beat Saber.

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