5 Examples Of AR Glasses For Sports

5 Examples Of AR Glasses For Sports
August 23, 2020
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Today I host a guest post by Ryan, Senior Writer at AR/VR Tips, an online company that showcases the latest augmented reality apps and virtual reality products. Since AR/VR Tips “showcases new mixed reality hardware and software that you can buy today”, he wanted to talk with you about some interesting pieces of AR hardware that you can use to enhance your performances in sport.


With the power to bring digital information to you in real time, augmented reality is showing great potential. And while business applications are still mostly proof of concept, live heads-up displays are available for athletes in different sports today.


In this guide, we are going to showcase augmented reality glasses for sports. These products aren’t just proof of concept. They can be bought today to improve your experience and provide you with real-time data that was never possible in the past.


If you know about any other AR glasses for sports, comment down at the bottom of this guide so that we can take a look.


What Are AR Glasses?

HoloLens 2 AR glasses (Image by Microsoft)


Augmented reality glasses are eyewear that have the technology to merge what you see in the real world with virtual information. This information is usually overlaid on one of the glasses lenses using an extra display built into the glasses. The information displayed comes from either an onboard computer or via a Bluetooth connection to your phone nearby.


Depending on the glasses and application, there is different information that can be displayed in your vision:

- Real-time location, movement, and speed information

- Applications from your phone such as music or phone

- Holographic training information and reference points


As the price and size of components come down, more and more can be packed into a smaller package. This is good news for augmented reality in the future. Athletes will be able to train better using AR for sports.


However, multiple options already do exist today. Below, we’ll show you 5 AR glasses for sports that you can buy now.


Examples of AR Glasses for Sports

#1. Everysight Raptor

The Everysight Raptor are AR smart glasses for cyclists. With smartphone-like internals, the Raptors use an OLED-based projector system to display real-time information. Everysight Raptor is equipped with several sensors that show you real-time information such as:


- Heartrate

- Current speed

- Total distance

- Length of ride

- Phone information such as phone calls and music



There is a camera onboard to offer action-cam style footage to look through on your phone later. You can also use voice commands to control your Raptor glasses hands-free.


The Eyesight Raptor retails for either $799 or $899 USD depending on whether you want 16 GB or 32 GB of space. You can buy an external controller for your handlebars and an Rx adapter for corrective lenses separately or part of a package deal as well. The glasses are durable and are water resistant too. You get up to 8 hours of battery on a single charge.


Everysight has recently opened up their platform to encourage developers to build applications for the Raptor. Being one of the original AR glasses for sports on the market, the Raptor is a polished solution for cyclists looking to have more information at their fingertips.


#2. FORM Swimming Goggles

FORM Swimming Goggles are a pair of AR glasses for swimmers. FORM comes with a smart integrated display that tells you key information about your swim:


- Distance

- Pace

- Speed

- Calories burned

- Heart rate

- Laps


FORM displays information in a see-through heads up display that is viewable when you open your eyes underwater. You get 16 hours of battery life in a single charge, which is higher than other AR glasses on this list.


FORM Swimming Goggles are also fairly reasonably priced for augmented reality technology. You get access to all features for $199 USD. This comes with 7 different nose bridge sizes so that you’ll be guaranteed a watertight fit on your face.


FORM also works separately from your phone, which is good since you won’t have to leave it unattended poolside. Instead, you sync data back to your phone after your workout, where you can then examine your performance. The FORM companion app on your phone lets you view data about all of your swims and share information with a community of other swimmers.


#3. Solos Smart Glasses

The Solos Smart Glasses were first introduced at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show. These AR smart glasses are built for cyclists, runners and triathletes to help them reach their full potential with critical information in real-time.


Solos is equipped with a small intuitive display that cyclists can regularly check to improve their performance. With Solos, cyclists can glance at useful data such as:


- Current and average speed

- Cadence

- Heart rate

- Power zones while racing.


Solos works with existing fitness apps like Strava and MapMyRide. It is compatible with Bluetooth and ANT+ devices if you want to pair them with other cycling tracking kits. They’re lightweight and comfortable and useful beyond cycling. Solos comes with a 6 hour battery life and a near-ear speaker system which gives you critical information as you are working out.


Solos retails for $499. Early Kickstarter backers from 2017 received their pairs in summer of 2019. Stock still seems limited though and the website doesn’t offer much help for purchasing direct.


#4. EyeRide HUD

The EyeRide HUD is an innovative gadget that combines GPS, hands-free kit, intuitive display, and voice commands to ensure you are safe on the road when riding a motorbike.


The EyeRide consists of a small heads-up display on your helmet that displays essential smartphone features like Google Maps and phone calls inside your helmet’s visor. It is partially transparent and won’t obscure your vision. The operating system is based on Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and most apps from your car transfer over nicely into the display.


A 99 decibel flat speaker and directional microphone ensures a powerful sound experience and connectivity with other riders. You can even broadcast music in your ears for the best possible riding vibes.


The EyeRide HUD is incredibly slim and fits in any regular rising helmet. It is also easy to install. The creators demonstrate on their website that you only need 128 seconds to install the unit. So far, Kickstarter is the only way to pre-order the EyeRide HUD. Backers should be receiving their displays by the end of the summer.


#5. Ghost Pacer

The Ghost Pacer is a set of augmented reality sports glasses designed specifically for runners. With a patented optical system, it weighs just 90 grams.


The Ghost Pacer has the processing power to create a realistic avatar in 3D space while you run. It works by projecting a holographic avatar that users can race against outdoors. The avatar will gain or close distance from you as you slow down or speed up. The glasses have a few other useful features too:


- Integration with Strava

- Synchronizes with your smart watch

- Comes with a companion app

- Lets you set a target pace for continual improvement


The Ghost Pacer comes with a 6 hour battery life and the glasses are only 13 mm thick at their largest point. The glasses are available to pre-order on Kickstarter today. If its stretch goals are met, there will be more avatar choices and glasses colors to pick from.

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