Top 10 Multiplayer Virtual Reality Games

Top 10 Multiplayer Virtual Reality Games
January 8, 2021

VR gaming is growing in leaps and bounds and new games are being launched every few weeks on all the virtual reality platforms. Many of these are single-player experiences but there are also plenty of multiplayer hits. Here is a look at some of the best multiplayer virtual reality games that you can try out with your friends.


Rec Room

Rec Room is one of the best and most popular free virtual reality games. The game features colorful and cartoon-style visuals which immerses players into a fun and entertaining immersive experience. The game takes the player into a chill recreational room with lots of mini multiplayer games that you can indulge in. These include games such as Disc Golf, Dodgeball and Paintball. Rec Room also features fantasy-themed games along with some sci-fi inspired games. Originally released for Windows PC way back in 2016, Rec Room is now available on VR platforms such as Oculus Quest and PSVR.


Arizona Sunshine

Arizona Sunshine was released in 2016 as a first-person shooter game. In spite of new hot VR releases in the recent years and months, this VR classic is still holding up well.


Arizona Sunshine is a post-apocalyptic virtual reality game in which players are thrust into a desert where they have to battle a zombie outbreak. This zombie apocalypse thriller by VERTIGO GAMES and Jaywalkers Interactive is now available in both a single-player and multiplayer mode on a number of VR platforms including HTC Vive, Oculus Quest, PSVR, Valve Index and Oculus Rift.


Star Trek: Bridge Crew

The Star Trek: Bridge Crew is another VR gold from 2016. It is an action-adventure game that immerses you into the U.S.S. starship, the iconic sci-fi starship. Every player in this multiplayer thriller can assume a different role on the bridge as they take part in space battles and embark on missions. This game by Ubisoft and Red Storm Entertainment first hit the streets in 2016 and is now available on various virtual reality platforms including Quest, Windows Mixed Reality and PSVR. The Star Trek: Bridge Crew also has a crossplay option that allows even non-VR games to immerse themselves into the fun.


Stormland VR

This multiplayer VR game debuted in 2019. Stormland VR also takes you into a sci-fi world of aliens and androids. You can also play Stormland in the single-player mode. Put on the headset with a friend and explore the ruins littering the landscape of this forgotten civilization. It features plenty of combat options that will give you hours of endless fun. It is available on Oculus Rift (S).


No Man’s Sky VR

This is another VR hit that debuted in 2019. In No Man’s Sky VR, you will explore and discover a virtual universe with numerous planets and galaxies containing plenty of unknown lifeforms. Created by Hello Games, No Man’s Sky is a multiplayer thriller that you can play with up to 32 players. It offers a vast virtual universe that will literally accommodate you and all your buddies. It is available on multiple platforms including PSVR and Windows Mixed Reality.


Forest VR

Created by Endnight Games Ltd, Forest VR is a single player that serves up its fair share of action, adventure and horror. In this VR horror thriller, you find yourself in a dense tropical forest after having survived a plane crash and must battle cannibalistic barbarians to survive. You can ‘enjoy’ this nightmarish experience in the single-player or with friends in the multiplayer mode via various VR platforms including HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.


Tabletop Simulator

In the VR world, 2015 must feel like some eons ago. This simple board game was released in 2015 and allows you to bring all your favorite board games into virtual reality. In spite of its simplicity, Tabletop Simulator is a very entertaining virtual reality game and you can indulge yourself in the multiplayer mode with both friends and strangers. You can play it with HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift headset.


Raccoon Lagoon

Raccoon Lagoon came out in 2019 and offers one of the most exciting adventures in VR. Created by Hidden Path Entertainment, this VR game casts you in a role where you will help some stranded sailors paint, farm, cook, fish or mine on the island where they are stranded and which they have transformed into their home. You can play it both in the single-player mode or with friends in the multiplayer mode on platforms such as Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S.



Play the villain in PAYDAY 2: VR. Put on a mask, suit up and go on bank robberies, heists as well as a drive-bys in this action-packed multiplayer thriller. It is a four-player game that puts you through an exciting and high-adrenaline gameplay. PAYDAY 2: VR is a cross-stage virtual reality game so even friends without a virtual reality headset can still join in.


The initial PAYDAY was launched in 2013 and the VR version came in 2018. You can buy the basic version of the game for just $10 and get a free access to the VR version. It is available on a number of VR platforms including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Valve Index.


OrbusVR: Reborn

OrbusVR: Reborn was developed and published by Orbus Online, LLC. The room-scale VR game is available on both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift platforms. The game immerses you into a vast virtual reality fantasy world where up to 10 users can play simultaneously. Get hundreds of hours of entertainment during various kinds of activities ranging from going on adventurous quests, sword fights or fishing with your friends. You can purchase this virtual reality game for just $20.

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