Local Multiplayer VR Game Panoptic Gets Release Date

Local Multiplayer VR Game Panoptic Gets Release Date
October 4, 2020

Panoptic, a long-awaited local multiplayer VR game, is nearly ready for prime time.


The PC VR title, from Belgian studio Team Panoptes, will arrive in full on Steam on October 8th. It will cost $16.99 or £14.99. The game first came to Early Access on Steam last year and the developer has steadily expanded on it since. Now it’s ready to leave pre-release.


Panoptic is a promising local multiplayer VR game in which one player puts on a headset and the other uses a traditional screen. While most VR titles that take this approach have cooperative gameplay, Panoptic is actually an intriguing competitive title. The VR player assumes the role of a massive Overseer that uses headset tracking to scan for the other player, who plays as a tiny Challenger. Check out the trailer above.


As you can see, Panoptic is built around a tense game of cat and mouse. The PC player has to avoid detection by blending in with other NPCs littering the game world and hiding behind obstacles and sticking to the shadows in hopes of destroying the Overseer’s energy sources. The Overseer is able to shoot the Challenger with a laser beam that will take them out with one hit, so caution is essential.


It looks like it could be a lot of fun. Sadly there’s no word on a possible PSVR version just yet, though it feels like the game could find a natural home there. Quest less so, considering you’d need a second screen, though we’d be intrigued to see if there was any solution around that.

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