Hideo Kojima Among The Judges Of Venice VR

Hideo Kojima Among The Judges Of Venice VR
August 8, 2020

With a surprise move destined to unhinge, hopefully definitively, the meaning of video games as a "minor art form", the curators of the Venice International Film Festival 2020 offered Hideo Kojima the honor and the burden , to participate in the event by taking on the prestigious role of judge.


The presence of Hideo Kojima at the Venice 2020 Festival is therefore one of the most unexpected surprises that the event organizers wanted to do to all fans of cinema and video games, in drawing up the list of personalities who will make up the juries of the various sections of the Venice competition 77.


At the time of writing, the volcanic developer who shaped the universes of Metal Gear Solid and, more recently, the post-apocalyptic blockbuster of Death Stranding has not yet offered an official comment but has limited himself to resuming on his social profiles the news of his appointment as judge by the Venice Biennale.


If he accepts the prestigious task entrusted to him by the organizers of the International Venice Film Festival, the father of MGS and the sci-fi adventure of Sam Bridges, who has always been in love with Italy and its most influential artists (not least the late composer Ennio Morricone) will therefore have the task of selecting the winner of the Venice Virtual Reality Award together with the director Celine Tricart (The Key) and the director Asif Kapadia (The Warrior, Maradona). Venice 2020 will be held from 2 to 12 September, with a revised formula according to the now known problems related to the Coronavirus emergency.

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