AWE's Co-producer Talks The Future Of Ads & AR

AWE's Co-producer Talks The Future Of Ads & AR
January 21, 2019
This video was realized by XR Tech Evangelist Catherine D. Henry for VRrOOm


Catherine Henry catches up withTom Emrich, Partner at Super Ventures, Co-Producer of AWE and a leading voice in augmented reality, virtual reality and wearable tech.


In this episode Tom shares his views on the future of advertising and Augmented Reality for 2019. He cites examples by Unity, Facebook and NY Times using AR in unexpected ways for advertising and storytelling.


"2019 will be filled with a TON of important achievements which will act as critical stepping stones in AR's journey to become the life changing computing platform." - Tom Emrich, Super Ventures


For more information about Tom Emrich:


About Super Ventures: Super Ventures fund leverages in-depth expertise and extensive ecosystem relationships to selectively invest in promising companies that enhance perception, situational awareness, and power to act. Website:

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