The Weeknd Debuts New Song During AR TikTok Concert

The Weeknd Debuts New Song During AR TikTok Concert
August 12, 2020

The Weeknd’s augmented reality TikTok concert was a neon-infused hit.  The Grammy Award-winning artist debuted his new, highly immersive 20-minute performance on the social media platform on August 7, teaming up with Doja Cat and giving fans a taste of new material along the way.


The digital set saw The Weeknd burst onto the stage through fire and flames before embarking on a psychedelic journey across time and space. Fans were encouraged to contribute to the performance by collectively voting on whether or not the artist should lick a toad. Later, their usernames and comments were illuminated among a booming display of fireworks.


The Weeknd also teased a new song in the buildup to the aforementioned frog-licking, a track reminiscent of the artist’s more vocally-centric earlier work. Find it at the seven-minute mark.


The live event replayed internationally from August 8 – 11, but is now available through fan-recorded channels.

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