Watch David Guetta Set At Homes In Augmented Reality

Watch David Guetta Set At Homes In Augmented Reality
November 10, 2020
David Guetta was crowned World’s No. 1 DJ at the Top 100 DJs Awards, 2020. Image: AFP/LOIC VENANCE.


David Guetta fans now have the chance to enjoy an exceptional DJ set by simply pointing their smartphones to the sky, via Snapchat. Through the app, Guetta will appear and perform the exceptional set he played at this year’s Top 100 DJs Awards, held virtually due to COVID-19, where he was crowned World’s No. 1 DJ.


Guetta’s DJ set, which should have been held in Amsterdam before thousands of excited fans, was turned into an exclusively virtual performance due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is this performance that Snapchat users can now experience in an original way, from the comfort of their own home, thanks to augmented reality.


To watch the set, open the app then simply point your device camera to the sky and check that the specific Lens for the event appears in the carousel. If that is not the case, search for and select DJ Mag in Lens Explorer.


Once you select the right Lens, a giant virtual David Guetta will appear in the sky and start banging out his top tunes.

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