VRrOOm Brings Jarre To Virtual Notre-Dame On NYE

VRrOOm Brings Jarre To Virtual Notre-Dame On NYE
December 31, 2020

In partnership with the City of Paris and under the patronage of UNESCO, electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre is teaming with French VR startup VRrOOm to take us into the New Year with a live stream trailblazing concert-spectacular set in the virtual environment of the planetary landmark Notre-Dame de Paris.   The unique visual world created by Jarre in VR will also be the official midnight news image coming from the City of Paris.


"Welcome to the Other Side"—set for Thursday, December 31--is a one-off exclusive, worldwide and open-to-all, free concert experience whose ambition, beyond celebrating the New Year in a futuristic and festive way, is to send a message of hope for 2021: a digital and virtual invitation from Paris, the City of Light, vibrant metropole of the Arts & of Culture and home to the most famous cathedral in the world. Notre-Dame has a unique place in the collective imagination, it is a symbol of the strength and of World Heritage that binds us together.


Jarre’s virtual concert-spectacular invites us all to ring in the New Year together and social virtual reality gives the possibility to party together, wherever we are, including all who are socially or geographically isolated.


The live stream experience on December 31 will be produced as a cutting-edge simultaneously-mixed-media creation. Welcome to other side of reality, welcome into the New Year, welcome to your own personal celebration, welcome to a global party, all via your own chosen dimension:


- In total immersion on the social VR platform VRchat, accessible either simply via PC, or in virtual reality for the audience equipped with VR headsets


- Live-streaming on Jarre’s & other social media platforms via any PC or Mac, smartphone or tablet


- Live audio broadcast on Radio France’s France Inter, French public radio


- Live TV broadcast by French BFM Paris news channel

Jean-Michel Jarre will perform live from a studio near the cathedral in Paris, while his avatar plays inside a virtual Notre-Dame. The 45-minute concert that Jarre will perform will be comprised of tracks from his recent GRAMMY-nominated opus Electronica, as well as new reworked versions of his classics, Oxygène and Equinoxe.


The audio of the concert will be released on January 1, 2021 at 12:15 am CET // December 31, 2020 in North America at 6:15pm EST/3:15pm PST on all music streaming platforms under the title WELCOME TO THE OTHER SIDE – LIVE.


Jarre, whose legendary concert-spectaculars have broken world records in attendees and took place at some of the globe’s most renowned landmarks throughout his outstanding career, have left their imprint on world-class entertainment."Welcome to the Other Side" is an invitation to enter the other side of the mirror and to travel from the physical concert world into a virtual fantasy world.


Jarre’s visionary creativity in partnership with VRrOOm’s VR designers come together here to create a concert-spectacular that is nothing short of his benchmark outdoor performances and above all a milestone today in setting new standards for music entertainment tomorrow.


"Virtual reality is to the performing arts today what cinema was to the theatre in its early days, a kind of curiosity,“ shares Jean-Michel Jarre.  “I believe that VR will become tomorrow, a mode of expression in its own right.”


Play it loud and watch it on a big screen!


Join & share the party December 31, 2020, 5:25pm EST/2:25 PST in North America:

VRChat                           /hello.vrchat.com

Oculus Venues                https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/2464560730245504/?locale=en_US

YouTube                         /jeanmicheljarre 

Facebook                         /jeanmicheljarre 

VRrOOm                        /vrroom.buzz

City of Paris                    paris.fr

UNESCO                        unesco.org

France Inter Radio          franceinter.fr

BFMTV & BFM Paris    www.bfmtv.com


Created by Jean-Michel Jarre

Co-produced by VRrOOm, in collaboration with Antony Vitillo (NTW), Lapo Germasi and Vicot Pukhov (MID), Jvan Morandi (placing shadows), Vincent Masson, Denis Semionov, Georgy Molodtsov ( Film XR), Mohamed Marouene and Freddy Koné (SoWhen?), Nate Thornston and Jesse Janzer (Maketafi), Julie Clavier, Fiona Commins and Marie-Laure Leboucher (Areo Productions), Anastasia Vorobyova, Jason Camillo (VRChat), and many other talented people that are essential to this project's completion.

VR project management: Maud Clavier

Produced by the City of Paris

Under the patronage of UNESCO

In partnership with Radio France & BFM TV / BFM Paris

Executive Production: R2B


For all ongoing information follow JMJ on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube or check www.jeanmicheljarre.com


Play it loud and watch it on a big screen !

Join & share the party December 31, 2020, 23h25 CET & Paris-time!


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