ViRvii Signs Music-VR Content Deal With Oculus

ViRvii Signs Music-VR Content Deal With Oculus
May 15, 2020

We have not covered ViRvii before but it describes itself as “a technology firm that develops proprietary user experiences merging music, art and virtual reality” and was founded last year.


Why we are writing about it now is that it has just signed a deal with Facebook-owned Oculus to develop VR content for the platform starting next year. The deal has a heavy music focus, allowing users to create their own virtual worlds and customise how they listen to and interact with music there. Most significantly, artists and record labels will also be able to use it to create immersive listening experiences for both existing recordings or brand new ones.


Interestingly, ViRvii – according to its Crunchbase listing – acquired Nashville-based Rhizome Productions (“a producer and promoter of educationally focused craft beer festivals and events”) in March this year. How that will link in with the Oculus deal is, for now, unclear.

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