Miquela To Premiere Entirely Virtual MV At Lollapalooza

Miquela To Premiere Entirely Virtual MV At Lollapalooza
July 30, 2020

Today, change-seeking robot and musician Miquela has announced she will be debuting her music video for the song "Hard Feelings" at this year's Lollapalooza. "Hard Feelings," one of only two videos being premiered at the festival, is a bleeding-edge, "all-virtual everything" production that features Miquela and her squad dancing atop flatbed trucks as they careen through the metaverse.


Seen as a massive step-forward in world-building and set in an altered reality, the video for "Hard Feelings" represents the future of digital pop stardom. Leveraging their virtually native, fully-remote working environments during the global pandemic, Miquela's parent company Brud built the entire video in alignment with their mission to be the radical, intelligent and accessible entertainment company for a new generation.


Co-directed by Brud's own founder, Trevor McFedries, and Jamie Webster of Common Good, the video was created using a combination of 2D and 3D art, allowing the team to create an entirely new reality against which to set Miquela's incredible choreography by acclaimed artist Madeline Hollander. The video, which also includes sound design from Jerome Potter of DJDS (Kanye West, Khalid), cascades through multiple fantastical Southern California landscapes (augmenting desert touchstones with futuristic flourishes; boulder-formed tunnels that light-up like dance clubs; pink sunsets that ignite palm trees with visceral sparks of light; an Oz-like field of floating godetia petals) all existing in a new dimension outside of Miquela's native Los Angeles. The end result is an astonishing, perception-shifting work of art.


Last month, Miquela introduced a charity initiative called #MiquelaCovers, inviting other artists -- including Justine Skye, Yuna, and Bülow-- and fans to cover her songs for causes near and dear to her heart. The project benefitted MusiCares via the Plus1 Covid-19 Relief Fund, dedicated to helping artists and music industry professionals impacted financially by the pandemic, as well as the Plus1 for Black Lives Fund, centered on dispersing funds among organizations invested in spreading information and taking action, empowering Black communities, keeping people out of the criminal justice system, and dismantling it more broadly. All of Miquela's proceeds from "Hard Feelings" will be donated to both of these charities again.

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