BTS's Next Online Gig Will Use XR For More Immersion

BTS's Next Online Gig Will Use XR For More Immersion
September 30, 2020
BTS will present a new online concert next week.


On October 10th at 7 PM and 11th at 4 PM, BTS will hold their online concert 'BTS MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E', which stands for the meaning that the concert will be the 'ONE' and only 'ONline Edition' concert.


They are planning to present a large scale live streaming concert. The concert will be on a full scale that is equivalent to the offline concerts. BTS will perform for about two hours and it will be broadcasted live.


Big Hit Entertainment is reportedly planning a new type of concert as it will utilize the latest technologies to increase the sense of immersion for the audience. The contented will be provided through the augmented reality (AR) and the extended reality (XR) technologies and can be enjoyed in a clear high definition of 4K or HD.


In particular, the concert will also feature the 'Multiview Live Streaming' that will provide 6 angles on one screen. In turn, the viewer can choose which screen angle they want to view.


Big Hit Entertainment stated, "We have prepared stages and various setlists that have never been released before for the fans who must have been disappointed about the cancellations of the offline concert one after another due to the COVID19 pandemic."


They also added, "There will be some changes in some of songs and performances so we ask for much support and interest.


Meanwhile, BTS hosted a live performance concern 'Bang Bang Con The Live' back in June of this year. 756,600 ARMY fans logged in and interacted with the boy band. This was the largest paid online concert in the world.

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