VRChat Becomes A Great Escape During Covid-19 Crisis

VRChat Becomes A Great Escape During Covid-19 Crisis
April 1, 2020

VRChat has become notorious for its memes and characters over the years with the creation of Ugandan Knuckles and the like. It had its massive popular phase but has simmered down over time. But with the Corona Virus quarantine in place, many people are finding this virtual world an escape for entertainment once again.


Since the last time we visited the virtual worlds in VRChat, things have become even more creative with the avatars. We see many more anime characters, robots, super heroes, aliens, and animals that have some unique quirks to them.


Popular streamer xQcOW recently hopped on and saw the massive changes himself.

VRChat was created for the social aspect and it’s definitely becoming a fun escape once again with all the people trapped within their homes.


We also see popular YouTuber Drumsy continue is fun adventures in VRChat as well.

There’s certainly been a lot of changes in style as well over the years in characters and what is trending.


If you have some time during these quarantine times, make sure to check out these virtual worlds in VRChat. It’s a free to play game and you can even access the social virtual world on your desktop without having to use a VR headset.

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