Walking Into Famous French Paintings, In Singapore

Walking Into Famous French Paintings, In Singapore
October 15, 2020
Image via Lucid Realities


For about two weeks from Oct. 24 to Nov. 8, a Virtual Reality (VR) experience at Gardens by the Bay will allow visitors to walk into famous French paintings.


The ticketed event, titled "A Virtual Voyage through Masterpieces", will host a total of four masterpieces.


These are:

- A Bar at Folies Bergere by Édouard Manet

- The Water Lily Obsession by Claude Monet

- Gauguin's Inner Journey by Paul Gauguin

- The Isle of Dead by Arnold Böcklin

Images via fantasium


For instance, The Water Lily Obsession is a  360° video that brings you through Claude Monet’s garden and workshop, as well as the Orangerie Museum.

Image via Arte


The Isle of Dead invites you to join boatman Charon to the portal of the underworld, starting in a cosy, modern apartment before the world starts to break up.


Workshops on how to create immersive art installations are also available.


French festival

"A Virtual Voyage through Masterpieces" is part of the vOilah! France Singapore Festival, which runs from Oct. 22 - Nov. 22 for its 2020 edition.


A host of activities across food, art, music, and lifestyle, both physical and virtual, take place during this period.


Visit their website for more information.



Dates and times for the VR experience:

- Oct. 24, 25, 29, 30, 31

- Nov. 1, 5, 6, 7, 8


Every 60 minutes starting from 2pm. Last admission at 7pm.



10am – 11:30am

12pm – 1:30pm


Ticketed Admission: S$10. Click here to buy.

Venue: Waterview Room (Flower Dome), Gardens by the Bay

Rachmaninov's symphonic poem of the same name accompanies you on this journey.

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