Third Echo Arena VRML Esports Season Begins Jan 2021

Third Echo Arena VRML Esports Season Begins Jan 2021
November 18, 2020

The third season of VRML’s competitive esports league for Echo Arena will begin on January 2021 with an expanded structure and format.


The season will start on January 4 and continue through to May 2, with finals matches scheduled to take place on May 8-9 and May 14-15.


As part of the new season expansion, a VRML Echo Arena Discord channel was opened this week, which will serve as a hub for players and for community leaders to oversee the league. Channels include areas to discuss the league rules, organize scrims, put together rosters and much more.


The new season will also introduce a promotion/relegation format, which is outlined as follows in the Discord:


“Master’s Division will play in a Round Robin format while subsequent divisions play in a Ladder system. The season will have multiple cycles, each ending with a Challenger Cup. The Challenger Cup will take the bottom 2 Master teams and the top 4 Diamond teams to determine which teams will play in Master’s for the next cycle and which teams will play in the Ladder.”


Matches from past VRML’s Echo Arena seasons were broadcast live on Twitch, as well as in Oculus Venues, allowing VR users to watch the games together in a virtual social setting. VRML also runs leagues for other competitive VR titles such as competitive fps Onward.


Echo Arena is the competitive multiplayer mode originally included in Lone Echo, a title that included a separate single-player story and launched for the original Rift in 2017. Last year, developers Ready at Dawn announced that Echo Arena would be coming to Oculus Quest, which launched a few months ago.


Players who are interested in competing in season three can create an account over on the VRML Echo Arena site and join the VRML Echo Arena Discord server now.

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