Experience Singapore Art Week 2021 From Home

Experience Singapore Art Week 2021 From Home
January 26, 2021

Known to deliver exceptional art, discussions, and exhibitions to its international audience annually, the Singapore Art Week (SAW) is going digital this year amid the coronavirus pandemic.


Adopting the theme “Art Takes Over” on its ninth year, the event aims to showcase the different forms of art—both physically and virtually.


“Singapore’s signature visual arts season celebrates the coming together of the island nation’s vibrant artist community during unprecedented times - simultaneously navigating new modes of art making and presentation while looking forward to new possibilities for the future,” the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) Area Director for Philippines Ruby Liu said in a press release.


“We invite Filipinos to reimagine their appreciation and love for art through engaging in our must-see events, as art crosses over to the digital space.”


Over a hundred pieces of Southeast Asian art will be presented “across both physical and digital spaces, featuring new works, transnational collaborations and virtual experiences.”


Included in the collection are the works of Filipino interdisciplinary artist Pow Martinez in the S.E.A. 2021, a presentation on some of Southeast Asia’s finest contemporary art.


Through a smartphone, anyone can try the Instagram Augmented Reality (AR) filter enabled Wild Critters, a fictional endangered critter that lives across five different habitats in the Gillman Barracks.


To feel closer to nature, viewers can also immerse themselves in Inner Like The OutAR, an art installation featuring psychotropic digital environments through augmented reality.


Available until January 30, Saturday, the full line-up and events can be accessed through their website.

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