Experience MLK's Famous Speech In Augmented Reality

Experience MLK's Famous Speech In Augmented Reality
February 14, 2021
Point your smartphone and experience the "I Have a Dream" speech. Lenovo photo


MORRISVILLE – Lenovo is bringing Martin Luther King’s historic “I Have a Dream” speech into a new dimension – augmented reality via your smartphone – as the nation observes Black History Month.


Via technology developed by the world’s top PC seller and the DuSable Museum of African American History in Chicago, people wanting to experience the AR version of the speech only need to point their smartphone at any street named after MLK.


It’s called “MLK on MLK.”


You can “watch Martin Luther King Jr. deliver his groundbreaking speech and an immersive experience where you can walk up to 3D sculptures inspired by those who may have been present during that pivotal moment in history,” says Lenovo, which unveiled the project on Monday.


“Dr. King’s message of hope and unity remains as important today as it did in 1963, especially at a time when many in our country may be separated by physical distance or differences in beliefs,” said Calvin Crosslin, Lenovo’s chief diversity officer and president of the Lenovo Foundation, in a statement. “By leveraging technology to connect people with opportunities to learn more about Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision during and beyond Black History Month, we are better able to understand our shared history, which may help us progress toward a better future for all.”


The museum lalso offers additional resources and the King Center at MLKonMLK.com.


“Museums have played a vital role in allowing people to engage with the history and legacies of Black leaders who have paved the way for a more equal and just America,” said Perri Irmer, President and CEO of The DuSable Museum of African American History. “Amidst a pandemic, when the opportunities for us to connect in-person are limited, we are proud to work with Lenovo to highlight this important moment in history and share educational resources that encourage continued learning.”

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