Collect Artwork With This New Augmented Reality App

Collect Artwork With This New Augmented Reality App
May 10, 2020
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In the midst of the global pandemic museums and galleries around the world have been closed indefinitely. The good news is that art, like humanity itself, is resilient. The enigmatic artist Frank Wilder is announcing his latest venture — Wilder World. In collaboration with , Wilder World lets you experience art in Augmented Reality created by leading 3D artists from around the world.

Artists MREGFX , Vacades and Frank himself have launched exclusive digital artworks for patrons to collect inside the app for $9. Once collected, the work is donated to a specific location with a personalized caption, to co-create the first fully crowdsourced global virtual gallery. Similar to Pokemon Go, users can then explore the real world and capture collectable art pieces in Augmented Reality.

“It’s the end of art as we know it. With that we are here to offer something truly special for artists and art lovers alike, at a time when we’re undergoing a monumental shift in how we experience art.”

said Frank Wilder


Wilder World uses game mechanics to provide users with a range of rewards for collecting, discovering and capturing rare 3D artifacts. Users can collect, capture, and share Augmented artworks with other members of the Wilder World community directly from within the app.


With over 100 artist collaborations lined up, Wilder World is a platform for the world’s top artists. “Great artists use the tools of their time, to tell the stories of their time, while honoring the greats. Augmented Reality is an incredible technology to express and share art in the digital age. It is our mission with Wilder World to make these tools easily accessible for all artists. Giving them a new outlet to connect with patrons globally” said Frank Wilder.
In addition to Augmented Reality capabilities, the Wilder World platform powered by encompasses the following features for Artists and their patrons to connect and create the art platform of the future –


PROFILES: A curated private list of members, influencers, and artists
CHAT: Real-time instant messaging across mobile and desktop
FEED: Share the latest articles, designs, and videos with the Wilder World community
MARKET: Buy and sell 3D artifacts, physical items and services from artists
MAPS: Connect with friends and other members to find art in the wild


As Wilder World continues to onboard the world’s finest artists, new limited-edition artworks will be released every week. In turn, offering patrons new experiences and the chance to collect previously unattainable artifacts. Wilder World is currently an invite only platform. Once invited, patrons receive their first digital artwork for free. Sign up to join the waitlist at

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