VR Fitness Platform Holofit Coming To Oculus Quest

VR Fitness Platform Holofit Coming To Oculus Quest
December 29, 2020
Holofit Coming Soon to Oculus Quest


Oculus Quest platform gets a new VR fitness platform: Holofit by Holodia.


The Virtual Reality studio Holodia first presented its sports app Holofit for PC and for fitness studios in 2016. Using the Holofit, a user can connect to a rowing machine, an ergometer or even a cross trainer and synchronize their real-life workout with the Virtual Reality environment.


With the headsets on, you can use Holofit to cycle along a beautiful route, paddle down a river or even pump imaginatively via an abandoned mine.


Your performance data on Holofit such as speed and the number of kilometers travelled are displayed on a digital display in the VR headsets. You will also be able to see a selection of different virtual sports environments.


Holofit has recently been listed in the Coming Soon section of the Oculus Store. The workout app is a subscription-based app and is the second Oculus Quest app with a subscription-based model after SupernaturalBeat Saber-style app. However, Holofit offers a very different experience.


How Holofit Works

Holofit pairs the user’s virtual reality headset with compatible fitness machines such as rowing machines, bikes and ellipticals. Once a user has selected a workout, they can choose from a variety fictional or real-life virtual locations. Then they can cycle, run or row through these locations as shown in the trailer below.


As a user works out in Holofit, they can track their progress and can even partake of the minigames and bonus objectives as they play.


The Quest variant of Holofit connects users to the fitness equipment via Bluetooth. Holofit has stated that its platform works with all the ergometers and cross trainers which are equipped with FTMS Bluetooth or a cadence sensor that is compatible with the workout app.


Holodia has listed the following sensor models as compatible with its Holofit platform. They all cost under $100. You will only need these sensors when your sports device doesn’t support FTMS Bluetooth.


- IGPSport Cadence Sensor (Holodia recommendation)

- Garmin Cadence Sensor 2

- Magene Cadence Sensor (Gemini 210, S3+)

- FitCare Cadence Sensor

- Wahoo Cadence Sensor


Because the cadence sensor does not work on rowing machines, Holodia recommends the following compatible devices for those planning to use its platform with rowing machines: 

- StairMaster HIIT Rower

- Concept 2 PM5 Rowing Machine

- TechnoGym SkillRow

- WaterRower with SmartRow/ComModule add-on

- Domyos 500 rowers


Holofit is premised on the fact that gamification of fitness and the availing of new locations might help motivate users to maintain the consistency required to keep in shape. The platform also has a companion iOS and Android app that helps users keep track of their data.


Holofit subscriptions start from roughly $12 per month or an annual subscription of roughly $132.


Although Holofit is coming to Oculus Quest, Holodia also sells a dedicated mobile VR headset. The company also sells commercial plans but these have been affected by the raging COVID-19 pandemic.


Holodia offers a one-week free trial so you can get a feel of it before you make a subscription. For additional information on the app and the technical requirements, check out the FAQs on its official website.

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