BoxVR Pushes VR Fitness To A New Level

BoxVR Pushes VR Fitness To A New Level
April 28, 2020

If your current BoxVR workouts are not burning you enough calories, you can now push the exertions to a whole new level with the new BoxVR DLC Pack.


The new pack was launched yesterday on both Oculus and SteamVR headsets. Dubbed the BoxVR Extreme pack, the new workouts have been designed to push you to the limits of endurance. The new pack features some of the most hardcore workouts in BoxVR. There is a mix of the high tempo, metal, drum & bass and house music. The new pack DLC consists of a total of 18 new tracks and adds up to one hour of new content into BoxVR. The pack goes for $9.99.


BoxVR is like the popular slash and rhythm virtual reality hit Beat Saber but the sword-swinging action has been replaced with punching action. Unlike Beat Saber which is more focused on the beat and slash gameplay rather than any fitness objective, BoxVR is more focused on the fitness experience and even counts the number of calories that you burn when playing the game. BoxVR also provides more extended playlists. It is one of the best VR workouts in the market currently. Another effective VR workout experience that you can try out is OhShape.


It is still unclear how intense the new Extreme workout will be. BoxVR has improved considerably. The initial song selection didn’t push players as hard as they had hoped so a pack that enables players to go hard is very welcome.


The Extreme Pack is the second of BoxVR’s new tracks to have been launched recently by the developer FitXR. A few weeks ago, BoxVR launched the Essentials DLC pack on Oculus Quest. It arrived on PC yesterday. The new content is coming at a perfect time when many people are increasingly plagued with isolation and periods of low physical activity due to the raging COVID-19 pandemic that has so far put many countries on a lockdown.


The developer FixVR has stated that content for PSVR players is set to be released “as soon as possible”.

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