Who Living Laser Is In Iron Man VR

Who Living Laser Is In Iron Man VR
July 25, 2020

Iron Man VR brings in two villains that players may not immediately recognize, but Living Laser has a prominent history in Marvel comic books.


There are a couple of villains introduced in Marvel's Iron Man VR that players may not find immediately recognizable, like the game's secondary antagonist Living Laser. This is mainly because he has not been featured prominently in the majority of Marvel's modern properties. However the character has a long history in comic books, and is one of Iron Man's oldest villains.


Iron Man VR doesn't retell any stories from comic books or other media. It instead tells a completely original story, while using characters from the back catalog of Iron Man comics. This means that while Living Laser is based on his comic book counterpart, the character isn't exactly the same. There are a few similarities though.


Living Laser (alias Arthur Park) was originally introduced in Avenger's #34 back in 1966. He originally started out as a intelligent scientist who worked with laser technology. After creating powerful laser weapons that were small enough to mount on his wrist, Park became the Living Laser. From here he began a life as a mercenary, which put him in the path of the Avengers and Iron Man many times over the years.


Living Laser's History With Iron Man In Comics

A lot of Living Laser's early appearances pitted him against the Avengers as a whole. Whether he was trying to kidnap The Wasp who he was obsessed with, attempting to conquer small countries, or stealing diamonds, the Avengers were always there to put a stop to his crimes and put Living Laser in prison. Over time though he slowly became one of Iron Man's main antagonists and the two fought numerous times.


One of the most important fights in Living Laser's history with Iron Man happened in Iron Man #211. In this issue Iron Man realized that Living Laser was absorbing energy into his body to increase the power of his lasers. Living Laser worried that if he absorbed too much, his body wouldn't be able to contain it and he would die. During their fight, Living Laser's energy reached a critical mass, so Iron Man threw him into the atmosphere where his body exploded. Rather than killing Living Laser though, his body instead became pure energy itself and he was able to return to his life of crime much more powerful than before.


Living Laser's Appearances In Other Media

Living Laser actually has appeared in both cartoons and video games before as well. He was a prominent character in the Iron Man animated series from the 90s where he appeared as a part of the Mandarin's team of villains. The character also showed up in 2009's Iron Man: Armored Adventures, as well as Disney's The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes where he was voiced by renowned voice actor Nolan North. Living Laser has also had minor roles in several video games over the years, the most prominent being Iron Man 3: The Official Video Game and Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2.


Living Laser In Iron Man VR

Most of Iron Man VR's marketing has been focused on the main villain Ghost, but Living Laser has a pretty prominent role in the game. The character was thought to be dead after a previous encounter with Iron Man, so Tony Stark is incredibly surprised to see him return. Iron Man must engage in combat against him several times over the course of the game, since Living Laser factors into Ghost's plan in some way. Those who pick up a copy of Iron Man VR can see for themselves exactly what Living Laser's devious plan is.


Marvel's Iron Man VR is out now on PlayStation 4.

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