We Could Be Getting A VR Version Of Prey

We Could Be Getting A VR Version Of Prey
June 3, 2020

An accidental listing on a retailer’s site suggests that Prey could be seeing a PlayStation Virtual Reality release sometime soon.


Early morning on June 1st the UK-based retailer Shopto had a listing for Prey VR. The listing was quickly removed shortly after going up, but several individuals across the internet had managed to grab a screenshot of the listing. The webpage where the listing used to be located on Shopto’s site now triggers a 404 error.


The listing didn’t have any description or other information regarding the nature of the game or what it would entail. In fact the cover art for the game was simply a black cover with PREY VR in white, the bottom corner even specified that it wasn’t an “official packshot”. So far neither Bethesda or Shopto has commented on the listing.

For the doubters out there Upload VR was quick to point out that a quick search on the Wayback Machine shows that the listing was created today proving this isn’t a hoax. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Prey is going to receive a full VR version.


One thing to keep in mind is that Prey already has VR to some extent. While the singleplayer campaign does not support official VR there are game modes that do. The Typhon Hunter update saw the inclusion of TranStar VR and the aforementioned Typhon Hunter.


TranStar VR is a singleplayer experience that has players star as different employees at TranStar before the events of the main game and challenges them to find safety via escape room puzzles. Typhon Hunter is a multiplayer experience that supported VR similar to the more famous GMOD Prop Hunt. One player is the human trying to hunt down five players acting as the lethal Mimics who can morph into various objects to hide from or ambush the human player.

It could be the listing seen was nothing more than Prey with the Mooncrash DLC package. In that case the listing was likely just a placeholder for an already familiar product that was accidentally uploaded to Shopto’s site.


However, that isn’t to say it couldn’t be a full VR release. Bethesda is known for porting their games over to VR, such as Skyrim VR or Doom VR. Considering they’ve already dabbled with VR for Prey it’s not hard to imagine the company would consider releasing a full VR experience.


Alternatively, it could also be more VR-based game modes being added to the game as part of another DLC. Skyrim received a number of expansions over the years so it’s possible that Prey could see more as well. Though given the lukewarm response from fans for the Mooncrash DLC this seems less likely.


In any case, fans will have to wait for Bethesda to either give an official response or wait to see if they release something in the near future.

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