Trailer: Hitman 3 VR Shows 4 Ways You'll Be Immersed

Trailer: Hitman 3 VR Shows 4 Ways You'll Be Immersed
September 11, 2020

Developer IO Interactive has shared an informative new post on the official PlayStation Blog where they go over the various layers that the upcoming Hitman 3 will immerse players in a never-before-seen way by the use of PS VR.


There’s good reason to check out the article here since it harbors more than just text. Yes, it’s the first time we see – what appears to be – direct-feed gameplay footage of Hitman 3 on PS VR!


Virtual reality has firmly hit mainstream markets this generation but as is with every new tech, the early years are where both developers and users get acclimated to the new form of virtual entertainment.


We want the world of Hitman VR to be one that you can truly touch and effect. Hitman games have always been built to have a living, breathing world and when you’re playing in VR, you’ll be much more up-close with everything in the game – whether that’s wine bottles or security guards.


When you don’t play in VR, you can bump into characters and they’ll likely scold you for being clumsy. In VR, the layers of interaction needed to be deeper, so we’ve added reactions and trigger dialogue when you tap someone on the shoulder, for example.


One particular side effect of this is that many big publishers and developers simply don’t create VR games. As such, it’s always a nice surprise to actually see that happen. IO Interactive has done exactly that. The studio is promising the full VR  Hitman experience without any cut content.


PS4 users who own a PS VR headset can look forward to the most immersive assassination simulator to date. As is common with VR games, this mode changes the viewpoint from third-person to first-person. This makes both VR a better experience and also up the stakes of missions since you get literally up-close to your targets like never before.


Menial tasks like peeking around a corner or trying to blend into the environment become an exhilarating and immersive task instead of just a button press. It’s going to be even better since the VR mode will be retroactively added to the entire World of Assassination trilogy!


Hitman 3 is due out January 20th, 2021 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Later will be a timed-exclusive on the Epic Games Store.

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