Survive Horrifying Memories In DREAMBACK VR

Survive Horrifying Memories In DREAMBACK VR
May 20, 2020

Many horror fans are able to handle what they see on the screen, but how many of them can handle actually experiencing the horror themselves? Come Over Gaming is a studio looking to test player’s steel nerves with their upcoming psychological virtual reality horror game DreamBack VR. This time you can experience terror in your own skin with their fully interactive and detailed immersive environment.


After being called to a job to fix a downed power line at an abandoned Victorian estate, you are met with a night that terrified you to the point of shock. What happened that night at the Rickford Mansion has scarred you forever. Tired of fleeing from your own memories and fighting the hazy nightmares that continue to haunt your sleep, you decide to bring back that night through hypnosis and face your fears. But can you survive the horrifying memories once again?


DreamBack VR doesn’t have a release date yet, but they are hoping to provide one soon. Currently, they are set to have the game out on Steam VR sometime during late Q2 2020. Are you ready for a first-hand experience into a horrifying night at the Rickford Mansion?

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