Steam's Summer Game Fest Features 30+ VR Demos

Steam's Summer Game Fest Features 30+ VR Demos
June 21, 2020

It can sometimes be difficult choosing what virtual reality (VR) titles to pick next so a demo can be a great way of narrowing that field. This week the Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition has begun offering over 900 playable demos, 30+ of which are VR.


There’s quite the selection of genres available, with small indie projects you’ve probably never heard of and bigger titles like Paper Beast which have already had plenty of attention.


Some are going to launch fairly soon like Mini Motor Racing X which is due out next week. Others are due by the end of the year or don’t have a release window at all. So it’s a great time to demo what’s coming over the next few months.


Here are all the VR titles taking part in the Steam Game Festival. Most can be downloaded via their Steam page but some only through the festival listing.

Alpha Command

AlterVerse: Disruption

Ash of Legends

Blobkin Blaster

Blunt Force

DeMagnete VR

Draco Dux

Flow Space


Gear Stalker

Golf Pool VR

Groove Catcher

Hard Bullet

Hospitality VR


Iteration Factor


Mini Motor Racing X

My Shadow

Naau: The Lost Eye

Paper Beast



Spellbound Spire

Spectrum VR

Slotracers VR


Super Hockey Ball

Traffic Jams

The Arcane Tower

VR Jetpack Game

Welcome to Graymount



Now in its third year, the Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition is showcasing the newest games from developers in 65 countries, running until Monday 22nd June 2020 at 10am PDT. It’ll also feature developer demos and livestreams, Developer Spotlight: Original interviews, and playthroughs with the devs themselves.


As well as all of those demos, new videogames recently announced include In Death: Unchained for Oculus Quest, a release date for Pistol Whip on PlayStation VR, the first footage of Solaris Offworld CombatThe Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners getting a horde mode and Star Wars: Squadrons coming to headsets in October.

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