New A Wake Inn Trailer Shows VR Horror Action

New A Wake Inn Trailer Shows VR Horror Action
December 1, 2020

A new announcement trailer for upcoming VR title A Wake Inn sets the tone for the spooky horror game and gives us a peek at some of wheelchair-based gameplay mechanic that we learned about earlier this month.


As you can see in the trailer, it starts out with an extended narrated sequence talking about how exceptional the human species is and how they are the only species that has managed to convert energy to “go beyond their natural abilities.”


However, things quickly take a turn for a darker tone after the narrator introduces his “discovery”, called the Pneuma. It looks to be some kind of steampunk, early 19th-century electronic device, which the narrator says is “what makes living beings alive” and can “set machines in motion … and allow them to carry out their own commands.”


Here’s a description of the story provided by the developers, VR Bros:


Players will play as an abandoned mannequin that needs to find out who they are, why they ended up in the hotel, and who is the mysterious voice that’s guiding them along the way. Is it time for the player to take revenge on their maker and set themselves free, or perhaps they’re just a puppet being pulled by its strings?


The developers noted that they expect the experience to take around 5-6 hours.


If you’re looking for more gameplay-focused footage, we have an extended almost 20-minute look a few weeks ago. The unique pull of A Wake Inn is that you’ll play the entire game seated in a virtual wheelchair, which you can control and use to move around the VR world.


A Wake Inn is scheduled to release in ‘early 2021’ during Q1 for PC VR with support for all major headsets, and is available to wishlist on Steam now.

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