Desolatium Is A Lovecraft-Inspired VR Horror Title

Desolatium Is A Lovecraft-Inspired VR Horror Title
May 16, 2020

Need your VR horror to be a bit more real? First, what’s wrong with you? Second, Desolatium might be up your street.


Coming to Kickstarter soon, Desolatium is a point-and-click-style graphic adventure with optional VR support. Spanish developer Superlumen describes it as a distressing psychological thriller where players set out to investigate a recent number of murders in a remote village. You’ll hunt environments for clues that will gradually lead you to a terrifying cult.


As you can see, Desolatium uses real-world environments paired with interactive elements. This isn’t just 360 video but 3D environments. Plus the game has all the classic hallmarks of the point-and-click genre, such as multiple endings.


That said, don’t expect a full ‘game’ with free-movement and survival elements, but Desolatium looks like it could be an intriguing change of pace from the usual VR horror fare.  The platform may be young but this is already a crowded genre, so it’s good to see new types of experiences.


Superlumen says the game was inspired by the myths of Lovecraft, and the game won Best Innovative Game of the Year at a PlayStation Talents awards show.


If all goes well, Desolatium will come to PSVR as well as PC VR headsets in May of next year, and should cost around $25. We don’t know a date for the Kickstarter yet, so keep an eye out if you’re interested in this one. For now, you can sign up to a newsletter on an official website.

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