Star Wars Fan Makes Film Through Blade & Sorcery VR

Star Wars Fan Makes Film Through Blade & Sorcery VR
February 22, 2020

In the middle of recording gameplay of The Outer Rim mod for Blade and Sorcery VR. I started thinking of an idea of making instead of a gameplay video. But to make my own Star Wars fan film. It’s not as dramatic as some other theatrical fan films, but it was a personal test to see what I could create through the gameplay of a VR game. There will be moments of suspense, laughing and good old Star Wars vibes.


And please note that this was all made from my imagination on the Star Wars lore, so somethings may seem out of place or sound like a plot hole. I was just thinking of things on the spot to say and record for fun, but anyways enjoy my fan film.


I had a great time making this video for the public. If you did enjoy it, please consider leaving a like and giving me a sub. As it keeps me motivated to continue making my content. Thank you.

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