Interactive VR Movie Baba Yaga Will Be Quest Exclusive

Interactive VR Movie Baba Yaga Will Be Quest Exclusive
December 21, 2020

The latest movie from Baobab Studios, Baba Yaga, comes to Oculus Quest as an exclusive release in early 2021.


The piece was recently listed in the coming soon section of the Oculus Store and a prior tweet from the studio confirms it’s due in the new year. The store listing, meanwhile, confirms the film will be exclusive to Quest.


Baobab is a first-person experience in which viewers embody one of two sisters, daughters of a sickly village chief. In your search for a cure you and your sister Magda headset into an enchanted forest to face the mysterious titular witch. The app features interactive elements at key moments and includes an all-star cast: Daisy Ridley plays Magda, Kate Winslet plays Baba Yaga and Glenn Close takes on the role of the Chief.


I saw Baba Yaga back at the 2020 Venice Film Festival in August. I thought the movie was visually stunning and welcomed the interactive elements, but it ultimately felt like safe territory for the Baobab team.


“I want to see something from this studio that feels truly dynamic — like my presence has a genuine impact in the stories it creates,” I said in my review. “Baobab remains one of VR’s most promising storytellers but, four years on from its debut, I feel like I’m still waiting for it to really hit its stride.”


Baba Yaga’s listing comes just after Baobab released one of its original VR movies, Invasion!, on Quest last week. The studio also launched the excellent Bonfire alongside the Quest last year.

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