Gloomy Eyes Nominated For Emmy Award

Gloomy Eyes Nominated For Emmy Award
July 13, 2020

Immersive VR story Gloomy Eyes has been nominated for an Emmy award in the Outstanding Original Interactive Program category.


The experience released a few months ago for PC VR and more recently for the Oculus Quest, with a story that runs for around 30 minutes, split across 3 episodes.There’s been a fair amount of buzz around Gloomy Eyes, both before and after release. It’s narrated by Colin Farrell and was featured at festivals like Sundance and South by Southwest in 2019. It even won multiple awards at the 2019 Raindance Immersive festival.


Now Gloomy Eyes is set to keep its successful run going even longer, with a new Emmy nomination in the Outstanding Original Interactive Program category. The nomination was confirmed the team behind Gloomy, Atlas V, but we can’t find any details on this year’s other nominees in the category just yet.


The category isn’t specifically exclusive to VR or AR experiences either — last year, the same award went to NASA InSight’s Mars Landing, however VR experience Traveling While Black by Felix & Paul Studios was also nominated. There are other categories that have featured VR projects in the past as well, such as the Outstanding Innovation in Interactive Media and the Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media categories.


The Emmys are set to take place this September, but we’re not sure whether these immersive and interactive media categories will be announced on the same day as the main show or at an earlier date.


Gloomy Eyes is available for Oculus Quest and PC VR now.

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