Baobab's Invasion! Hits Quest With Hand-Tracking

Baobab's Invasion! Hits Quest With Hand-Tracking
December 18, 2020

VR filmmaker Baobab Studios is bringing its original short to Oculus Quest in Invasion! Anniversary Edition.


Invasion! originally launched on the Gear VR and Oculus Rift back in 2016 as one of the studio’s first projects. Directed by Eric Darnell of Madagascar fame, the piece follows a cutesy bunny that becomes the first to encounter two bumbling aliens that make a rude entrance on Earth. It’s a little like a Looney Tunes short in VR and stars Ethan Hawke. It even ended up winning an Emmy in 2017.


Don’t have a Quest? You can watch the entire piece below on YouTube, though take note you won’t be getting crucial features like 6DOF tracking or 3D imagery.

This being an Anniversary Edition, there’s a little more content to be found here, including hand-tracking support so you need never pick up a controller. According to the trailer on the store page, the piece should be live on Quest later today, though it’s unclear if the bonus content could make its way to existing versions of the apps.


These days Baobab is making slightly more ambitious VR films, having introduced elements of interactivity to its past two pieces, Bonfire and Baba Yaga. It’s also worked with stars like Glenn Close, Daisy Ridley and John Legend. Currently, we’re awaiting the full launch of Baba Yaga, which we thought was sweet but safe territory for the team after watching it at the Venice Film Festival earlier this year.

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