Snap Unveils Gucci Spectacles, But You Can't Buy Them

Snap Unveils Gucci Spectacles, But You Can't Buy Them
December 7, 2019


Like Snapchat Spectacles but think they could be a little more... extra? Then Snap's latest iteration of its camera glasses might be for you — if they were for sale.


The company unveiled a limited edition Gucci-branded version of its Spectacles 3 and they are about as over the top as you'd expect. The frames are similar to the pinkish "mineral" version of the normal Spectacles 3, but the lenses are covered in — what else? — Gucci logos. 

Yes, these are real.. IMAGE: SNAP


Unfortunately for any would-be Spectacles collectors, Snap is only making 50 pairs of the limited-edition specs, which are the result of a special collaboration for the Art Basel festival in Miami Beach. 


The new glasses are part of Snap's promotion of a short film created by Spring Breakers director, Harmony Korine, who used Spectacles and Snapchat's augmented reality effects to create a work of "wearable cinema." 

Yep, about what you'd expect for "wearable cinema."


Snap and Korine also tapped a handful of Snapchat's lens creators, who create 3D effects for the app, to make augmented reality filters specifically for the film. Those creators will be among the very, very few to get a pair of the Gucci-branded Snapchat accessory.


Snap unveiled its third-generation Spectacles last month. The glasses are Snap's first to feature cameras that can capture depth data and integrate with the app's augmented reality effects. Despite the camera advancements, though, we had some major reservations about the latest glasses, which cost $200 more than their predecessors. 

The new Gucci Spectacles are a one-time promotion, at least for now, so it's not clear how much they might cost were Snap to make them more widely available. But, it seems like a safe bet that they'd be even pricier than the standard $380 Spectacles 3. (A Snap spokesperson said the company is "exploring ways in which these can be made available in the future," but didn't indicate a possible price.) 


If you really want to get your hands on a pair, though, Snap is offering users the chance to try on a pair via — what else? — a Snapchat filter

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