P.E Nation Taps Andpeople To Create AR Changing Room

P.E Nation Taps Andpeople To Create AR Changing Room
November 24, 2020
P.E Nation’s new range in AR


Australian-based activewear clothing label P.E Nation has created a custom-built augmented reality (AR) changing room ahead of the launch of its latest collection.


The label teamed up with creative agency Andpeople to design a digital dressing room for P.E Nation’s ‘Sustainable In Snow’ collection.


With travel a sector significantly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, P.E Nation has had to re-examine how they engage and communicate with customers.


Andpeople and the team behind the Institute of Digital Fashion have created an Instagram AR filter to allow customers to step into an international snow environment where they can ‘try on’ selected garments from the collection.


Aussie fashion designer and P.E Nation co-founder Pip Edwards said products now need to be supplemented by experiences.


“Products are no longer limited to curated imagery and look books, but rather experiences that have augmented the way our customers interact and engage with them,” she said.


The custom-created 3D floating garments featuring three items from the collection can be placed in a user’s immediate environment as well as worn in augmented reality via the P.E Nation Instagram filter tab.


Consumers can then shop the collection directly via the P.E Nation website.


Andpeople MD Andrew McDade added: “We wanted to launch this new innovative range by bringing the experience of the slopes to the people, breaking category convention to create a unique set of digital experiences that augment the way people interact and engage with the product.”

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