Gentle Monster's Virtual Eyewear Uses Instagram Filters

Gentle Monster's Virtual Eyewear Uses Instagram Filters
August 9, 2020
Redefinition of Eyewear filters can be found on Instagram.


Okay, we gotta admit; these are pretty cool filters. There's plenty of trippy art on Instagram, and a myriad of filters, so when you put the two together the end result is nothing short of impressive. Especially when backed by Korean eyewear label Gentle Monster.


In the brand's latest project to 'explore the endless possibilities of eyewear' 'by questioning the definition and nature of eyewear', it's safe to say they've achieved the objective of breaking away from conventional sunglasses. Taking it digitally, the series of collaborations features nine global artists.

In response to the lockdown measures in place due to COVID-19, fashion labels have taken up digital-based initiatives to showcase their latest offerings. From virtual reality experiences to online exhibitions, brands are optimizing the latest technology and tools provided on and off the Internet to reach the masses. The latest example is South Korea-based label, Gentle Monster, that recently unveiled a virtual eyewear collection.


Titled Redefinition of Eyewear, the project aims to digitally reinvent traditional modes of consuming eyewear through a series of augmented reality filters designed by artists. Some items feature specific materials such as glass, obsidian, gold and flowers while other options are centered around more unconventional concepts that draw inspiration from robots, animals and the human anatomy.

One of the participating artists, Daisy Collingride, created an augmented reality mask filter called CLEM that appears to be made with human skin. “My work explores the human form and flesh combined with dynamism and movement,” she said in a statement to Gentle Monster. “For me, they are joyful creatures that I hope conjure both respect and wonderment for all living organisms.”

Another highlight is a futuristic-looking piece aptly titled VR GOGGLES by Tokyo-based artist Ikeuchi Hiroto who disassembles and reassembles electronics to create cyberpunk creations. “For this project, I wanted room to allow for diversification — to expand the options of possibilities for eyewear.”


Head to Gentle Monster’s website to learn more about the virtual eyewear collection. Elsewhere in fashion, Beastin tapped Sports Illustrated for a limited sportswear capsule.

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