Cyberdog To Host VR Show At London Fashion Week

Cyberdog To Host VR Show At London Fashion Week
September 15, 2020

Cyberdog will participate in the first live IRL/VR fashion show at London Fashion Week on September 20. Models will participate live from Cyberdog’s iconic flagship store in Camden Market, North Carolina, and the Gold Coast Australia, while being showcased in a 3D immersive replica of the store. The event will see launch of Rave Team Collection.


The history-creating even indicates the massive scale and monetisation that Sansar’s live events platform enables, including functionalities for in-world commerce.


Sansar is a multichannel virtual events platform that specialises in turning live shows into spectacular shared experiences. Available on PC, mobile, and compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, Sansar enables artists to perform live for global audiences, while allowing fans to feel more connected through custom avatars, branded merchandise and highly immersive, photorealistic virtual spaces.


The limited-edition Rave Team Collection range comprises 33 exclusive pieces of retro-vibe apparel. Virtual participants can attend in these garments, and also link out directly to Cyberdog’s site to purchase the real-life items from inside the virtual venue. Cyberdog co-founder and fashion designer extraordinaire, Terry Davy, describes this collection as “A cyber-clash of rave culture and street fashion”. “Unveiling, an explosion of neon 90s urban styling for the future generation”.


“International iconic brands Cyberdog and Kappa prove they continue to pioneer rave culture and street apparel with this virtual launch. We are so happy that Sansar can provide connectivity, exposure, and revenue streams at a time when the fashion events industry is at a standstill,” says Sheri Bryant, president of Sansar. “With the Rave Team Collection virtual launch at London Fashion Week, we’re delivering the world’s first virtual live global VR fashion show of the future, deeply immersive and accessible to anyone and anywhere with a PC or phone at their disposal. The industry is at the vanguard of something truly incredible.”


Global live streaming of the event will also take place across social media channels.

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