Cartier Brings VR Brand Showcase To TFWA

Cartier Brings VR Brand Showcase To TFWA
September 27, 2019

The VR experience invites visitors on a trio of immersive brand experiences.


Cartier has announced a digital focus for its brand showcase at this year’s TFWA Exhibition in Cannes, the second time the luxury house has shown as part of the conference.


This year Cartier invites visitors to immerse themselves in an innovative journey with a virtual reality (VR) experience on its stand within the TFWA Innovation Lab area.


This year, for the first time, Cartier takes part in and sponsors the TFWA’s Innovation Lab with a dedicated corner which showcases how state-of-the-art VR technologies can be used to express Cartier vision and culture while engaging the audience. This follows on from the brand’s VR exhibition in Shanghai last November (pictured), that highlighted the narrative behind the company’s Santos watch collection, especially for its Chinese consumer base.


The Cartier VR experience “brings the travel retail strategy to a new height” says the brand. The focus on digital signals a new chapter for the luxury brand, as it looks to expand its travel retail footprint globally, and will use the TFWA brand showcase as a platform to promote the brand’s new ‘physical meets digital’ retail experience strategy. Billed as a preview for Cartier’s newest travel retail concept, the Innovation Lab stand focus will be on immersing the traveller in products enhanced by digital content yet enabling brand ambassadors to forge personalised relationships with customers.


Visitors to the Cartier stand are invited to discover three different virtual worlds:

- A guided visit through the recent Beijing’s Palace Museum exhibition

- A tour of the Cartier watchmaking factory in Switzerland

- A unique flight over Paris in Santos-Dumont’s airplane

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