Why The Best Star Wars Experience Is In VR

Why The Best Star Wars Experience Is In VR
September 13, 2020

After a recent trailer, Vader Immortal is releasing soon on PS4 and fans will have a chance to see that the best Star Wars experience is in VR.


After being teased earlier this year, one of the most critically acclaimed Star Wars games is headed to PS4 with Vader Immortal, a VR series spanning multiple episodes. The game originally launched as an Oculus exclusive last May, but it was announced for PS4 this year for May the Fourth celebrations. Most recently, a new trailer debuted at Sony's State of Play event. Fans have plenty to be excited about, since Vader Immortal is an award-winning game that just so happens to be the best Star Wars experience in gaming.


One of the highlights of Vader Immortal is the story, which was written by David S. Goyer, the writer of the highly-acclaimed Dark Knight trilogy. Like Jedi: Fallen OrderVader Immortal is set between the events of Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. The game puts players into the shoes of a smuggler who's hired by Darth Vader to search for an artifact on Mustafar, the fiery planet that Vader now calls home. It's an intriguing concept that is sure to keep new players on their toes, as they venture around the planet and uncover hidden mysteries.


While the award-winning story is great (albeit a bit short), the big draw of Vader Immortal is that it's in VR. It's a way for players to have a theme-park experience without leaving their homes. In later episodes, players are even able to use powers like Force Push and Force Lightning against enemies. For fans who have always wanted to harness the power of the Force and become a Jedi, the Vader Immortal VR series is about as close as they can get.


More Reasons Vader Immortal Is The Greatest Star Wars Experience

If the prospect of using the Force isn't enough to get Star Wars fans excited, Vader Immortal also allows players to feel what it's like to use a lightsaber. There's an additional experience called the Lightsaber Dojo, where players can battle through 40 levels of increasing difficulty. These 360-degree training sessions are a huge draw for fans who want to test their mettle with a lightsaber. The PS4 version of the game also looks like it comes with expanded and enhanced lightsaber duels, and the State of Play trailer seemingly showed off newly added lightsaber designs. This should be plenty to keep fans happy once Vader Immortal lands on PS4.


After its debut, Vader Immortal went on to be nominated for an Emmy in 2019 and won "Best VR/AR Game" at the 2020 Game Developers Choice Awards. But those awards would mean nothing if it wasn't for the dynamic gameplay that lets fans use Force powers and wield lightsabers. Now that it's releasing on PS4 on August 25th, a whole new group of fans will get to see that the best Star Wars experience is in VR.

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