Watch Classic Silent Films In 3D On Oculus Quest 2

Watch Classic Silent Films In 3D On Oculus Quest 2
January 21, 2021

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) researcher has upscaled stereoscopic footage from the 1920s to 4K resolution and uploaded this on YouTube. The footage now enables you watch historical 1920s films with Oculus Quest (2) in 3D.


The recordings have come from the 3D film pioneers Jacob F. Leventhal and William A. Crespinel and were shot between 1924 and 1927, towards the end of the silent film era.


1920s Films with a VR Effect

These films are test shots with double lenses and do not tell a coherent story. They are instead looking for the 3D effect as well as the associated shock effect. For example, you will see a witch handing you a poisonous brew or a hand with long and black finger nails reaching out into the darkness. You might also find yourself staring into the barrel of a cannon and pistol or being threatened by a man with a sword and a Chaplin figure shoving a cake in his face.


The quality of both the recordings and the 3D effect varies although the recordings are always fascinating, particularly from a film-historical point of view.


AR Researcher: Upscaling AI Was a Lot of Work

The YouTube video of this was created and uploaded by the Polish AI researcher Adam Maciaszek who has already made a name for himself with his AI reconstructions of old cartoons.


Maciaszek cleaned and upscaled the left and right images using Artificial Intelligence and then stitched them back together before uploading the result on YouTube in Google’s VR180 format. The researcher writes that this entailed a lot of work.


With the YouTube app available for almost every mobile VR headsets, users can watch these films in 3D. To do this, they simply have to open the app and enter the video title in the search field. YouTube should automatically play the video in the correct format after clicking.


Advances in AI are making it possible to create very fascinating AI reconstructions.

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