Put Yourself In Famous Artifacts With Google's Art Filter

Put Yourself In Famous Artifacts With Google's Art Filter
October 8, 2020

Google has a lot of apps. The company offers all of the obvious ones like Chrome and Gmail, but it also has some less popular apps that are incredibly useful. One such app is Google Arts & Culture. It comes with all sorts of cool features that you can use to learn more about the arts and culture of the world in which we live.


Google has announced a new update on The Keyword that expands upon the AR features of the Arts & Culture app in a way that will let you put yourself into some of the world's most famous paintings and historical artifacts.


Turn Yourself Into A Literal Work Of Art

The update is quite enjoyable if you're looking to learn something new about art while having a bit of fun. It will let you turn yourself into a Van Gogh or Frida Kahlo self-portrait. You can use it to become part of the famous Girl with a Pearl Earring, as well.


While there are cool paintings that you can find yourself within, that's not all this update brings to the Arts & Culture app. Google is making it so you can get inside of a Samurai helmet or a remarkable Ancient Egyptian necklace.


In total, Google rolled out five educational 3D-modelled augmented reality filters for you to play with. You can explore each historical artifact in high-quality detail from every angle, which is more than you could even do with them in a real-world museum. They're able to position themselves organically and smoothly on your head or react to your facial expression.

Outside of looking at the paintings and artifacts in AR, you can also use the app to learn about each of them.


Google broke down how it managed to pull off this interesting AI feat:

"Art Filter applies Machine Learning based image processing because making this kind of AR feature possible needs a sophisticated anchoring of the virtual content to the real world."


Google definitely gave us a sample of what it can do with AR and historical artifacts. While this update only comes with five, we can hope that Google is able to use other objects in the future. Who knows what we could experience in AR in the future?


How To Try The Arts And Culture AR Filters

The update is rolling out for users on both iOS and Android right now.


Once you've downloaded the new version of the Google Arts & Culture app, tap the rainbow camera icon at the bottom of the homepage to test out the new AR filters.


Google is asking users to show off what they create using the new Art Filters using the hashtag #ArtFilter on social media.

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