Paris NewImages Unveils 2020 Official Competition Lineup

Paris NewImages Unveils 2020 Official Competition Lineup
July 23, 2020

Today, NewImages Festival announced the 16 experiences selected for its 3rd edition's XR Competition


Having rapidly become a recognized international event, NewImages Festival has, this year again, sparked strong interest among professionals worldwide. Despite current events, over 250 projects were sent to the festival, including 130 from creators, producers, and broadcasters, to take part in the XR Competition, 30% more than in 2019.


Entirely dedicated to digital and virtual worlds (VR, AR, mixed reality, mapping, binaural sound), the event created by the Forum des images had to delay and rethink its 3rd edition due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It will take place for the first time on a double level, in-person and online, from 23 to 27 September, allowing the public and professionals to discover the program of the most noteworthy recent immersive experiences.


This year NewImages Festival is proud to present an XR Competition composed by half of world premières in addition to one international première, two European and four French premières. The 16 works selected (13 in virtual reality – VR –, three in augmented reality – AR –) will be competing to win the Golden Mask (Grand Prize, €6,000) and the Special Prizes by the Jury (€3,000 each), one for VR and the other – a new major prize for this 2020 edition – to reward the best AR experience. The award ceremony will take place on Friday 25 September, closing the Journées Professionnelles (Professional Days, 23-25 September).


A selection of previously unpublished emotional and bold works

Both in virtual and augmented reality, the NewImages Festival competition offers an exceptional diversity of genres and formats of immersive creation. While animation dominates the program this year, it is nevertheless composed of diverse narrations, at times abrasive, dystopian, and political. Documentaries and experimental works, fiction, and immersive theatre with real actors: other genres are not left out and offer a beautiful array of techniques, types of image, experiences, and interactions for audiences, ranging from actual shooting to photogrammetry, VR360, and multisensory media.


A new immersive production geography is also emerging from this eclectic selection, one that is broader and more diverse, with some countries still playing reference roles (the United States, Canada, France, China), new arrivals (Russia and Peru, in their first participation to the Festival competition), and, last but not least, alliances from all over the globe, with ever more stimulating international coproductions (Brazil-Peru, Taiwan-Argentina, France-Canada).


From 23 to 27 September 2020, at the Forum des images and online, NewImages Festival invites all curious, savvy, and professional audiences to come and discover the best of virtuality.


Aside from the XR Competition, the festival will also offer many other installations and experiences as well as an exceptional opening night with the world première of FLAME, an original “phygital” creation (physical and digital) mixing live dance, music and XR performance based on an original idea by Louis Cacciuttolo, realized by Denis Semionov, and co-produced by NewImages Festival and VRrOOm.


Here are the 16 titles competing in the official selection, including a record number of world premieres, European premieres and French premieres:

Ajax All-Powerful by Ethan Shaftel - VeeR (CH), easyAction (US) 2020 VR, anim., 15’

Bodyless by Hsin-Chien Huang - Virtual and Physical Media Integration Association of Taiwan (TW) 2019, VR, anim., 25’

The Book Of Distance by Randall Okita - National Film Board of Canada (CA) 2020, VR, anim., 27’

Ferenj: A Graphic Memoir in VR by Ainslee Alem Robson (US-ET) 2020, VR, exp., 9’20

Fragments by Aaron Bradbury - Atlas V (FR), Magic Leap (US), NSC Creative (UK) 2020, AR, doc., 15’

Gravity VR by Fabito Rychter, Amir Admoni - Delirium XR (BR-PE) 2020, VR, anim., 17’

Great Hoax: The Moon Landing by John Hsu, Marco Lococo - Serendipity (TW), 3DAR (AR) 2020, VR, anim., 18’

Legends of the Brush: The Girl and The Crane by SUTU - Ryot (US) 2020, VR, anim., exp., 10’

The Line by Ricardo Laganaro - ARVORE Immersive Experiences (BR) 2019, VR, anim., 12’

Look At Me by Wi Ding Ho - Kaohsiung Film Archive, Changhe Films - assoc. Funique VR Studio (TW) 2019, VR, fict., 14’

Minimum Mass by Raqi Syed, Areito Echevarria - Floréal Films (FR), Like Amber (NZ) - 2020, VR, anim., 20’

Missing Pictures, Ep. 1 - Birds of Prey by Clément Deneux - Atlas V, Arte France, Albyon Studio (FR), BBC (UK) 2019, VR, doc., 8’

MOA - My Own Assistant by Charles Ayats, Franck Weber, Alain Damasio, Frédéric Deslias - Red Corner, France Télévisions, Le Forum des Images, La Volte, le Clair Obscur, Small Studio, Chroniques (FR) 2020, AR, exp., 20’

Les Passagers : ELLE & LUI by Ziad Touma, Nicolas Peufaillit - Les Produits Frais (FR), Couzin Films (CA) - supp. Fonds des Médias du Canada, Fonds Expériences Numériques (CNC), Sodec, Région Occitanie - part. Dpt., Post-Moderne, Mocaplab 2020, VR, fict., 2x10’

Scarecrow (European Premiere) Sngmoo Lee, Jihyun Jung - K'ARTS AT (KR) 2020, VR, Imm. Theatre Piece, 15’

#Romanovs100 AR Photo Album by Denis Semionov, R. Todua, E. Medvedeva, L. Kazakova, G. Burashov, E. Salamov, I. Fursov, I. Crotty, M. Tskhovrebova, A. Fedorova - RT, Phygitalism, UPPrint (RU) 2019, AR,


The XR Financing Market

Coming up, the reveal of projects selected Successfully launched in 2019, the XR Financing Market is a funding and coproduction program bringing together international decision-makers each year and key immersive project holders looking for funding and new partners.


Unique in Europe owing to the number of projects it brings to light each year, the XR Financing Market is an event not to be missed, where the future masterpieces of immersive and interactive art can be discovered and boosted. The call for projects was open to all XR experiences (VR, AR, MR) in development exploring new forms of narration through film, games, art, or performance, regardless of the level of funding acquired or the mode of distribution.


Over 100 projects have been accepted this year, proposed by both new talents, recognized artists including Saschka Unseld (Dear Angelica), Mathias Chelbourg (Docteur Who: The Runaway), Michaela Holland (Lutaw, Everest), Asif Kapadia (Senna, Amy), Michael Beets (The Unknown Patient), Hiroaki Higashi (Ghost in the Shell VR), Fabito Rychter (Gravity VR) as well as international XR studios such as Atlas V (FR), Lucid Realities (FR), Passion Pictures (UK), Juvee Production (US) and Zentropa (DK).


Several leading decision-makers of the sector have already confirmed that they would be taking part, including Amy Seidenwurm (VR for Good Oculus / Facebook), Jake Sally (Ryot / Verizon Media), Jimmy Cheng (Iconic Engine / Digital Domain), Myriam Achard (Phi Center) and Todd Shaiman (Google). Due to the international sanitary crisis, the XR Financing Market will reinvent itself online this year, in a new format of 8 pitching sessions, followed by individual video conference meetings between decision-makers and project holders.


The list of selected projects will be officially published on the Festival website on 28 July 2020. The full list of decision-makers will be published in early September.


Information: NewImages Festival Forum des images – phone: +33 (0)1 44 76 63 00 and

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