Oculus Quest Gets Korean Comics With Sphere Toon

Oculus Quest Gets Korean Comics With Sphere Toon
September 7, 2020

Sphere toon, Oculus Quest’s first comic book app, might not be exactly what you were expecting.


Sphere Toon is launching on the standalone headset soon – according to an Oculus Store listing – having already released on Rift and Go. The app includes a range of different VR-native comics that immerse users in static 3D-scenes complete with traditional elements like word-bubbles and also interactive features.


Sphere Toon Comes To Oculus Quest

Check out the trailer above to see what we mean. In one scene, for example, the user is able to move a smartphone with their head, which in turn triggers the next part of a story. It’s definitely an interesting concept that holds a lot of potential for VR storytelling.


But don’t expect any VR adventures with Spider-Man here; Sphere Toons is mainly comprised of Korean comics. Many of the stories come with English options (though some are Korean-only). It might not be exactly what you were expecting, then.


We’ve seen a lot of different approaches to VR comics over the past couple of years. In 2016, Madefire even brought some DC comics and more to headsets with a service that integrated motion elements into traditional books. That never really seemed to take off, though, and we’re still left wondering if Marvel and DC might ever try something more ambitious on the platforms. Certainly, the thought of accessing your existing digital comic libraries as ‘physical’ books in VR is appealing.

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