Holiday Laughs Await You In 'Ultimate VR Comedy Bundle'

Holiday Laughs Await You In 'Ultimate VR Comedy Bundle'
November 26, 2020

Holiday laughs await you in the all-new Ultimate VR Comedy Bundle, combining six popular PC VR titles including Job Simulator and Trover Saves The Universe.


The bundle would usually slice off 40% of the price of all the included titles combined, but during the just-launched Steam sale you can actually get 55% off, taking the price to a pretty excellent $60. For that price you get three games from veteran VR developer Owlchemy Labs, two from Justin Roiland’s Squanch Games and the original VR project from Tender Claws.


Included, then, is Trover Saves the Universe, Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-Ality, Job Simulator, Vacation Simulator, Accounting+ and Virtual Virtual Reality. And if you already have any of the included games you can get those prices taken off the final total.


We’ve reviewed basically all of these games pretty positively, so it definitely comes with our recommendation. Owlchemy’s games, including Rick and Morty and the two Simulator games, are genuinely excellent examples of interaction in VR and VVR’s surrealist story of a metaverse gone wrong lingers in the memory long after the credits. Plus fans of Rick and Morty’s absurdist adventures will find plenty to love in Accounting+ and Trover.


The bundle’s only available on Steam though all of these games are on Quest and PSVR too and, with Black Friday around the corner, we might see some reductions on these titles on those platforms, so keep an eye out.

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