This Halloween, The Blair Witch Follows You Home

This Halloween, The Blair Witch Follows You Home
October 9, 2020

Hunt A Killer and Lionsgate team up, give Elly Kedward your address.


Before there were “alternate reality games” or Hollywood execs mystified rooms with the word “transmedia” there was nationwide buzz about a little documentary film that used found footage to tell the tale of the disappearance of three college filmmakers because of what might have been some paranormal activity.


Of course, none of it was real. It was The Blair Witch Project, and if you were lucky enough to see it with a crop of your friends in 1999 — and then watch the excellent SyFy special that expanded on the mythology just a week later — you were entranced.


There have been many an attempt to recapture the magic over the years, and last year’s survival video game Blair Witch has put some life back into the franchise that has so much potential.


One thing that’s been missing: that alternate reality vibe. That’s what makes this announcement from Hunt A Killer exciting: the mystery subscription box is in some ways a return to the true heart of the Blair Witch mythos.


Early Access starts Oct. 1.


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Hunt A Killer partners with Lionsgate to release
Blair Witch table-top experience

Players will immerse themselves in the Blair Witch universe in Hunt A Killer’s latest season


September 29, 2020 — SEATTLE, WA — Is Burkittsville still hiding the dark and mysterious secret of the Blair Witch? What is still lurking in those haunted woods? Now, a new game by Hunt A Killer, the makers of the popular mystery, sci-fi, and horror themed games, lets players discover the frightening history of the Blair Witch for themselves.


Hunt A Killer has partnered with global content leader Lionsgate (NYSE: LGF.A, LGF.B) to release the new Blair Witch table-top experience. This is Hunt A Killer’s first time partnering with an entertainment company on a storyline, incorporating the iconic Blair Witch universe into their line of horror themed games. The game will be a part of Hunt A Killer’s subscription-based offerings, granting players the opportunity to become Members in their gaming community.


“We are thrilled to partner with Hunt A Killer to continue expanding the world of Blair Witch into games,” said Daniel Engelhardt, SVP of Lionsgate Interactive Ventures & Games. “Their creative approach and mechanics are a natural fit for a franchise defined by unique storytelling, and represents a special way for us to build upon the narrative of the video game we launched last year.”


In this new season, players become detectives to solve a missing persons case near the infamous Black Hills Forest. The storyline begins with an introduction to Rosemary Kent, a woman who lives near the edge of the forest and is looking for help to find her missing son. Over the course of six boxed episodes, players will investigate the mysterious woods and learn about any disappearances, while finding out more about the powerful forces that reside there. From there they must piece together the clues, face the horror of the Blair Witch and those who serve her, and find out if they can survive the woods.


Each month, a new boxed episode will be delivered to the Member’s doorstep, and they must work to unfold the story while sifting through a variety of cryptic documents, audio recordings, and unsettling puzzles. By the end of the season, enough horrific clues will have surfaced to help solve the case. Along the way players will have access to resources and can join the Hunt A Killer private Facebook community to ask for tips and socialize with others playing the game.


“We are excited to share this new season with our Members and the fans of the Blair Witch films,” said Ryan Hogan, CEO and Co-Founder of Hunt A Killer. “Lionsgate is a great partner for us, and the hair-raising story we have created together is sure to provide the perfect immersive experience for a thrilling game night with friends or family.”


Hunt A Killer worked with horror producers, Jason Egan and Patrick Rizzotti to broker the Blair Witch deal which was negotiated by SVP Business & Legal Affairs, Eva Feder, for Lionsgate.


Hunt A Killer Horror: Blair Witch is currently available for early access and officially releases October 1st, just in time for Halloween. For more information and to order please visit



At Hunt A Killer, our mission is to revolutionize the entertainment industry by challenging conventional forms of storytelling. We provide interactive entertainment experiences that position participants as detectives looking to solve thrilling stories revolving around sci-fi, horror and mystery. Learn more at:



Combining the STARZ premium global subscription platform with world-class motion picture and television studio operations, Lionsgate (NYSE: LGF.A, LGF.B) brings a unique and varied portfolio of entertainment to consumers around the world. Its film, television, subscription, location-based entertainment and games businesses are backed by a 17,000-title library and the largest collection of film and television franchises in the independent media space. A digital age company driven by its entrepreneurial culture and commitment to innovation, the Lionsgate brand is synonymous with bold, original, relatable entertainment for the audiences it serves worldwide.

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